How Professional Home Stagers Create a Photo Finish

In today’s digital world, online listings are the first stop of any home buyer. Potential buyers want to know what’s available and narrow down their choices before ever setting foot inside a property. That being said, it’s important to make sure that your online listing has got all the important elements: clear, concise, and pertinent information regarding the home’s amenities, an appealing description of the surrounding neighborhood, and above all, excellent photos. That’s where professional home stagers come in.

Importance of hiring professional home stagers

According to the team over at Upstaged, one of Auckland’s best home staging companies, “photos and open-homes have the complete ability to influence people’s interest in a property and will always be the key driver of an ‘emotional buy-in’. When people fall in love with the property, they typically spend more, and spend that money faster to secure that dream home for their family or investment portfolio.”

To get great photos, home staging is vital. But successful home staging can be very time consuming and daunting, especially if you don’t have any interior design experience. Professional home stagers make this process so much easier for you. They help guide you through the whole process, beginning with the elements that are important for you as the seller to handle. The main example of this, and the first step in any home staging process, is decluttering and depersonalising.

Having a third eye

Professional home stagers can also help provide an outside view of what items should be removed and stored. That’s important because it’s completely natural to have an emotional attachment to our stuff. Professional home stagers are able to distinguish how something looks to a first-time visitor from how it feels to its owner, and then arrange for items that won’t be used in the final look to be stored.

Help get things in order

The next most vital tasks in home staging are deep cleaning and repairs. A full-service home staging firm will be able to hire reputable people to complete these jobs, eliminating a lot of time and stress from the seller’s plate. Finally, the property will be ready for your home stager to execute his or her design plan.

Professional home stagers will have plenty that experience and understand that the final look should be beautiful but neutral. Generally, the aesthetic taste and personality of the resident is considered in the design scheme. But when staging a home for sale, the goal is to appeal to just about anyone.

The folks at Upstaged agree stating, “By using our team that is experienced in creating great results for the real estate industry and turning your property into one that is attractive and has a wider range of appeal rather than simply just your tastes, you will command an amazing ability to sell the property for more in many circumstances.”

Plot out the space

Furniture, accessories, and art can be used to clearly define spaces, create an open flow throughout, and begin to demonstrate the potential for personalisation by the new owner. Most staging companies maintain a large stock of show pieces to use for this purpose. Professional home stagers offer either partial (some of the seller’s pieces are combined with show pieces or full (show pieces are used throughout the property) staging.

Back now to that photo finish. The last piece of the puzzle is proper lighting, which can be tricky as every room should feature overhead, table or desk, and task lighting (such as under cabinet or reading lamps), with a combined wattage appropriate to the size of each room. But once a space is properly lit, anyone can take perfect pictures to feature online or on flyers. These photos are your first approach to many buyers, and may make all the difference between a home that sells quickly for a nice profit, and one that languishes on the market.