How to Make a Home Photogenic

The first concrete step in the actual selling of a house is the publication and listing of its photos. The visuals you provide go a long way in convincing a buyer, who may have seen the images you posted on an online listing, to get in his car and take a look at the actual house. It’s that first impression you can’t afford to miss. So naturally, you want to ensure that you take good photos. But like any other photo opportunity, you have to make sure that your subject is picture perfect and photogenic.

That’s where home staging comes into play. In the process of preparing your home for selling, home staging ensures that you have the proper look for your house – clean, organized and welcoming. After that, it’s just a matter of knowing how to take the pictures.

Whether or not you are hiring a professional home stager or a professional photographer, make sure you do these steps:

Home photogenic tips


Just like those unwanted pounds in your own personal photographs, who wants to see messy, dingy and dreary spaces? Know what to keep, what to take out and what to add on. Remember that spaces that are “over-decluttered” appear empty and can look smaller and lifeless, even on a photograph. After organizing the things that will add on to the room and not detract from it, make sure you also plan to put in other furniture and fixtures that can help liven up the room.

Light it up

It wouldn’t help your home if you organized everything but didn’t make sure that enough natural lighting came through. Natural light opens up and makes your space more welcoming. It’s a must do in photography as well. So open up those curtains and windows. In case you really can’t let in a natural light source, try to add or mix in indoor artificial lighting but go for a bright white (not fluorescent) to counteract the yellowish tinge of low lighting. In any case, don’t use a flash when taking pictures as this can backfire and make rooms appear darker than they actually are.

Explore angles

Capturing that perfect picture of your home interiors can just be a matter of the right angle. When space allows it, shoot with a wide-angle lens. This is especially great for bigger living spaces like kitchens, dining and living areas. The wide-angle lens can capture more about the room in a single shot and gives the viewer an understanding of the flow of the room. However when taking pictures in tighter spaces like bathrooms, you really have to do this at an angle to be able to capture as much of the space as possible. This is also to ensure that you don’t include yourself in the shot when facing the mirror. Accidental sightings like that make the photos feel like they were shot by an amateur.

If you’re doing the photography on your own and you might feel that it can be overwhelming, try to take it as one room at a time. Make each space a separate project until you’ve completed pictures from all rooms in the house that you’d want to highlight in your listing.