Home Staging for the Holidays

When selling a home, it’s not just about listing your property for sale and waiting for the buyers to call and visit. In today’s competitive real estate market, homeowners and their real estate agents have to stay ahead by keeping up with the trend. And the trend right now is having your home staged, fixed and decorated to appear its best and appeal to a large number of potential buyers.

There also seems to be a seasonality that can be applied to home staging, just as how it is applied to the sales performance of the real estate industry. Most property owners would say that summer is the best time in the year to buy or sell property, when summer holidays hit and before school starts in late January, with a certain pause during the busy time of Christmas. But don’t take this pause for granted. The season of Christmas can be used to your advantage when selling your home, if you know how to use it.

Use the Holidays as the Theme

First off is considering if you should home stage your property for sale in theme with Christmas. This really actually depends on your neighborhood. You don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb. You would want the buyer to imagine living in this new and inviting community and that should already give you a clue if you should go ahead with Christmas decorations or not. If your neighborhood and your particular street are bursting with Christmas cheer, then it’s better to put up some of your own as well so as not to appear alienated and separate.

Go Easy with the Directions

But don’t go crazy with the Christmas decorations. If you need to, keep it to a minimal to ensure that the features of each room come out and aren’t overpowered by red and green décor. Use subtle touches like an accent pillow or throw that use Christmas colors or patterns and offset the rest of the room with subtle and soft lighting. Maybe make use of candles that’s also scented in a nice Christmassy smell like cinnamon, pine or mint. You can also hang a thick yet simple wreath on your front door that can make it appear both seasonal and welcoming.


The thing about Christmas is that you can use it to your advantage but you have to make sure that it doesn’t go overboard. The benefit of using it is that when a house is properly home staged, buyers not only get drawn in with the beautiful interiors but they get that happy feeling that pervades Christmas and associate it with your house. It might already create a future memory of a Christmas they can happily spend in that home. The watch outs are that not everyone may be a fan of Christmas or like your taste in décor so it’s also important to consult an expert home stager on this.

Nonetheless, though this season may be busy, looking into home staging interiors with a Christmas vibe may be worth your time and might sell your property faster.