Home Staging Styles: What Interior Home Designs You Should Copy

When preparing a house for home staging, you should always consider having a marketable look and feel that would be suitable for all and would appeal to most homebuyers. Research in trying to come up with this general appeal is what lead to the popularity of different home staging styles in the first place. The effects of home staging have already been studied in 2011, where the Real Estate Staging Association had surveyed and observed more than a 100 homes that were on sale. Those that were home staged and relisted were sold at 73 percent less time than those that weren’t part of the home staging process. So we already know that home staging per se can be important when trying to sell your home.

Given that in general we try to sway towards a more generic design that wouldn’t alienate anyone and would appeal to almost everyone, we’ve listed down some interior home design styles that are widely liked and easily adaptable for home staging. Remember also that the kind of home you have would also depend on what kind of interior decoration you can adapt to and that you’ll be able to project a certain look and feel with these different home design types:

Modern Home Staging Styles

Coming from a group of European designers back in 1919, this style is entrenched in Bauhaus philosophy stating that function and form should be cohesive to each other in all types of designs. This type of design is very functional, detailing clean lines and having minimal decorative elements and accessories. All in all, this clean living space can translate to serenity and simplicity that can very much appeal to most homebuyers.

Urban Home Staging Styles

This style is like a modern take on the industrial interior design style, which uses exposed structures like walls or ceiling beams but in a more polished and sophisticated way. This is applicable to loft type apartments and large open spaces and can sometimes be seen from converted buildings, showcasing the natural elements of the previous design (eg. exposed brick wall) and using it as a room highlight, which should also be one of the home’s selling points.

Contemporary Home Staging Styles

There is a balance to be achieved when trying to come out with a contemporary designed room or house from home staging. It makes use of a lot of bold forms, geometric shapes, lines and space. It can go both bare and bold at the same time, you just have to make sure it doesn’t go overboard.

Minimalist Home Staging Styles

Inspired from Japanese traditional design, minimalist design homes create spaces that are simplified, where all elements are distilled to its more basic and functional form. It can be similar to the modern style design in terms of the use of clean lines. Decluttering can be a very crucial step in the home staging process if you want to achieve this style in your home.

Photo credits: Maria Garkusha