Home Staging Still Key Even in a Seller’s Market

Right now the Auckland real estate market is experiencing a record high. Sellers have the benefit of large numbers of buyers willing to pay premium prices. But that doesn’t mean a seller can reduce the effort put into preparing his or her home for sale. Actually, in order to sell the property quickly and for the highest possible price, extra attention to home staging can distinguish your property from others and create a very favorable buzz.

Why Home Staging?

Home staging can attract many more potential buyers than the unstaged one down the block. And because it’s a hot market in Auckland, buyers may even compete over the property with the highest perceived value. This has everything to do with how they feel when viewing your home – it does not necessarily rely on the soundness of underlying systems such as plumbing or electricity.

Properly staged, buyers will fall in love with your home and may be distracted from potential flaws. While you cannot be deliberately deceptive regarding the state of the property, if your buyer experiences strong feelings of comfort in the space, they may decide that any upcoming repairs or upgrades are worth it.

A professional home stager can help manage the entire process of readying a home for sale. Utilising their design experience and understanding of human psychology will relieve any stress on the seller to get it right with limited information. However, there are a couple of elements that sellers should begin to address as soon as the decision is made to market the property.

The Home Staging Process

First and foremost is removing clutter. This includes toys, knickknacks, books and papers that crowd the space and don’t have a proper home. Human eyes become fatigued quickly, and the more there is to see, the less our brains can actually process any of it. Clutter causes overwhelm and discourages sales.

The next item to address is cosmetic repairs. The damage that is visible is weighted more heavily in a buyer’s mind than damage they can understand intellectually but not necessarily see. So repair cracks both inside and out, nail down loose floorboards, and replace faulty doorknobs, handles and cabinet faces. Then you’ll have a canvas ready to receive a fresh coat of paint, which easily and cheaply lends the subconscious impression that a home has been well maintained overall.

Finally, assess every item of furniture in the home and decide what you can live without during the time prior to your move. Most likely there is quite a bit more in the space than makes for an efficiently staged home, so be prepared to remove and store up to half of it. A professional home stager can help with this process, too. Very often they will also have furniture available that can be brought in to create the sought-after effect. With the combination of your items and carefully selected additions, décor can be specifically matched to the home’s style and selling price.

Whether you go it alone or hire a professional, home staging is a vital piece of the sales process. Take the time to distinguish your property from others on the market, and you will likely be rewarded with a quick sale. Make the home move-in ready and buyers will clamor to move in.