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Home Staging That Gets Results

If you’re thinking of selling your home, or renting it out, Upstaged is a professional real estate staging, cleaning and de-cluttering service serving both home owners and real estate agents in the greater Auckland area.

1. We are extremely reliable. We get work done when we say we will, and we’ve built an excellent relationship with others for this.

2. We work as a one stop shop. We can get involved in a project as much as you need us to. So if the home needs more than just staging or styling, such as de-cluttering or cleaning we can arrange it. If you need any tradesmen; from painters and landscape gardeners to a water blasting service or handyman we can provide referrals from our large network of friends and professionals.

3. We are stress free – we have a proven systematic approach. Gone are the days of being stressed out, disappointed, confused and delayed by contractors and more.

4. We focus on real estate – because we have a huge interest in styling homes, interior design and real estate, we get the job done in a way that actually means dollars and results for real estate purposes of staging!

Working with us will have these benefits for you:

• Being able to sell your home for more money, with the home being presented very well
• A reliable team that gets your property looking great without stress
• An immaculate result that is also brought to you at a fair and reasonable cost
• Staging advice and interior design assistance

What are the benefits of paying for staging or tidying up the property? Why can’t people do this themselves?

Photos and open-homes have the complete ability to influence people’s interest in a property and will always be the key driver of an ‘emotional buy-in’. When people fall in love with the property, they typically spend more, and spend that money faster to secure that dream home for their family or investment portfolio.

People fall in love with properties when they are well presented and they can visualize themselves using the space. When they walk into the home, it should make sense how it’ll be used and fit their needs. If people walk into empty rooms or a cluttered house that hasn’t got that show-home look (which we can actually achieve on a reasonable budget), it becomes just another house.

By using our team that is experienced in creating great results for the real estate industry and turning your property into one that is attractive and has a wider range of appeal rather than simply just your tastes, you will command an amazing ability to sell the property for more in many circumstances.

Why choose us, and not the others?

We focus on two main things; reliability and the quality of our work. Yes, there are several companies who profess to be great stagers, but we are continually recommended and referred on to different real estate agents because we get the job done very well. For us, staging, interior design and cleaning put a smile on our faces, and that’s why we love doing it!

Email or call us now to discuss how we can help you make your property upstage the rest!

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