What is Home Staging and Why Is It For You?

One could say that home staging is all about illusions. As the term would suggest, you can “stage” your home in a certain look and mood to make it more appealing to a bigger group of potential buyers. And that’s what the illusion is for – taking your home and making it appeal to a broader market. But also bear in mind that all the illusion is just for aesthetic purposes and you as a responsible homeowner should make sure that everything is structurally sound.

What is Home Staging?

The actual description of home staging would mean the process a seller undergoes to prepare a private residence for sale in the real estate market. Before the advent of creative selling in the real estate business, homeowners would often be the ones to prepare their homes for selling, which basically just meant tidying up the house and mowing the lawn. But recent trends and competitive real estate marketing have made agents recommend bringing in a home stager, who is basically an interior designer or interior decorator. But home staging goes beyond just designing or decorating someone’s space. It’s making a house or room look and feel bigger, warmer, brighter and generally more appealing. After all the aesthetics – cleaning, repainting, de-cluttering, repairing and arranging – the home stager’s task is to dress the house to be ready for sale. They will probably be re-arranging all your furniture or buying new ones, bringing in accessories like mirrors or lamps to create a different mood or simply make a room appear more inviting and bright. It’s all part and parcel of why home staging is such a popular trend and why home staged houses sell so well – because it’s designed to be sold.

Why Should You Consider Home Staging?

Homeowners might ask themselves if home staging is beneficial for them and if it is worth the investment. They may have to consider several situations first to determine if home staging will be appropriate for their case and make it worth it for them.

Studies show it sells

In the US, UK and Sweden, research states that home staging can reduce a property’s time on the market and can command a higher price versus homes that weren’t used with professional home staging.

Selling in a cold market

Living in an area where the real estate market isn’t as hot as other areas, you might think that investing in something like home staging might not be necessary. But in a cold market, the odds of your home being sold are more likely if it’s all spruced up and ready to go

Selling in a hot market

When every buyer is looking into your area, they can latch on hot property and ignore the rest, if the rest isn’t up to par. So you need to make sure that your house is up to par so that it’s actually the hot property that everyone is talking about.

Professional advice

Although you might have an eye for design and can fix your house up pretty good, you’d still want to avoid making crucial mistakes that might turn off a potential buyer so it’s better to rely on expert advise that is also backed up by experience