5 Things To Make Over a Room from Good to Great

When your home is on the market, it’s vitally important to stage the space so as to appeal to the widest possible range of potential buyers. Proper home staging will distinguish your property from many others on the market, and can add to the final selling price. With a little extra effort, your property can be the one to beat. One way how you can easily do this is to take some time to make over a room or two.

Here are five ways to make over a good room a great room.

Deep cleaning each and every place

There is a difference between everyday clean and deep cleaned. When you make over a room, you go beyond orderly and dust-free by polishing wood and shining up fixtures. Windows should be spotless and streak-free. Cloth furniture and carpets will benefit from a thorough steam cleaning. Bang the dust out of throw pillows and either run curtains through the wash or take them to a dry cleaner. You’ll be amazed at how much these extra efforts not only improve the space, but also impart a reassuring fresh smell.

Clear out the clutter

As the residents of a home, it is very easy to become clutter-blind. However, first-time visitors are sure to be overwhelmed by piles of toys, loose papers, overcrowded accessories and the like. If a potential buyer has to pick their way around clutter, the best features of the home are impossible to see, and the sale is all but lost. Take a serious look at all of your possessions and aim to reduce them by as much as half. A good rule of thumb when you make over a room: if you haven’t used or enjoyed an item in a year, it can go. Those most special and valuable items that are retained should be stored in attractive receptacles.

Remove personal belongings when you make over a room

Portraits and other personal items that define you as a family often make potential buyers uncomfortable. That’s not to say you are anything less than a perfectly lovely family, but people behave and think differently in spaces that clearly belong to others. Being a guest in someone’s home is all about respecting their lifestyle and maintaining the space as preferred by the host. When selling your home, you want potential buyers to feel free enough to imagine the personal touches they might add. Before you make over a room, frankly assess the personal belongings in your home and try to imagine what a stranger might leave knowing about you. Ideally they should leave as unfamiliar with your personal life as they came.

Light it up

Great lighting makes a home look warm and welcoming, but many homes are actually under-lit for this purpose. The key to stellar lighting when you make over a room rests on two points. First, increase the wattage of your current lighting to about 100 watts for every 50 square feet. And second, aim for three different types of lighting in every room: ambient (general or overhead), task (pendant, under-cabinet or reading) and accent (table and wall).

Storage to spare

When you live in a home, chances are good that you will utilise all available storage space. Knowing that you’ll need to keep the main living areas free of clutter, it will also be tempting to shove a bunch of stuff in every cubby and closet to prepare for potential buyers. However, full storage areas make a home feel smaller and more crowded. Empty or mostly-empty storage creates the psychological impression that a home is bigger and full of potential. If you haven’t moved from the home prior to selling it, renting a storage shed could really help achieve this effect.

The effort you spend prior to marketing your home is likely to pay off in a higher sales price and shorter time on the market. If you’re unsure how to get started, or lack the time to stage the home properly, consider calling an expert. They can help you navigate the entire process, from arranging the furniture and accessories all the way down to the deep cleaning.