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Home Staging

Upstaged has a great reputation in Auckland for helping home sellers and real estate agents achieve record prices. Increase what price your home can sell for, and get more buyers interested, with our professional real estate home staging service. Our unique furniture helps buyers visualise the home, and makes them more likely to buy your property.  This helps you get great results when it comes to selling your property.

Partial Staging

For homes that already have furniture, our interior design team is able to re-style the home with a combination of our furniture and yours. We have great knowledge over what alterations can be made to make the home more appealing to a wider variety of people and demographics, meaning your real estate agent is able to capture more of the market. This is a cost-effective way to help your home sell for thousands of dollars more.

Pre-Sale Cleaning

Our professional home cleaning service helps your property shine and look immaculate for photos and viewings. We are able to clean a wide variety of homes including houses, townhouses, apartments, etc. We can also help you with reducing and removing clutter from the property, to create more open space for buyers to explore during open homes. Our cleaning service is fast and efficient, and available throughout Auckland.


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Stage & Install

After an initial discussion either by email or phone of what is required, we visit your property and understand your objectives. Are you looking to rent a property out, or looking to sell it? If you are looking to sell it, are you looking to sell it as soon as possible, or hold out for the highest price? We also take notes and consider how the property is laid out, where it is, what features it has, and so forth.

Our design team considers different concepts and options, and puts together a plan for your property to stage it, that will help you sell it. Comparative research is also done with other properties. Unlike other staging companies, our focus is quite commercial driven, in that we recommend creating space and showing utility, which is the true objective of staging. Once the concept has been put together, we select which furniture may best suit the property.

Once a concept has been put in place, mock ups are done at our office to ensure that when we do move furniture into the property, the right mix is used. Colour combinations are chosen to ensure that the property looks great for open homes, viewings, photographs, and more. We have plenty of experience in putting together the right recommendations that lead to people wanting to spend more on the home.

A date for delivering the staging package is set, and our team work efficiently to stage the property. We also conduct any necessary de-cluttering and cleaning, if that’s requested by you. Furniture is moved in carefully and quickly, to allow you time to have photographs taken, and get on with selling the property as soon as possible. We are easy to deal with, and are experienced in staging different types of Auckland homes.