Popular Home Design Trends That Get Sold

If you’re looking into selling your home, consider taking the time to home stage it properly if you want it to sell faster and if you’re lucky, probably for a higher price. Some home owners might find the notion of hiring a professional home stager an unnecessary expense but you never know if the home you’ve been living in for years can be considered a gem if it’s buried behind a messy and dated cover.

While there are tried and tested basics on how to prepare and stage a home, it is also important to look into the current home design trends so that the refreshed look of your house also feels up to date. Make sure it’s a balance of staging it in a clean, simple, yet welcoming way that can appeal to most homebuyers while adding touches or taking into consideration modern home design tips so that your home has a more current and fresh feel.

The Main Room

Instead of a living room, most modern houses combine the living room area with the dining area or the kitchen, creating a great big open space that houses the main activities of the family, from entertaining guests to doing homework.

Metals and Neutrals Home Design

Trends in colors change every year (say goodbye to Marsala), as well as the use of metals. No longer confined to just the use of stainless silver, the use of copper and gold in hardware, fixtures and finishes are becoming popular. Balance out these metals with the use of neutral colors for trimmings and accents like black, gray, and blue hues with the use of natural wood to complement it. These elements will give your space a cleaner and more updated feel while being neutral enough to appeal to most buyers.

Going Green

More and more homeowners are becoming more aware about how to go about being more energy efficiency inside the home. While this doesn’t really impact on the look and feel of the place, it can be an added come on to the buyer if he sees that his future home will give him long term savings and has positive effects on the environment. Energy efficient appliances and fixtures such as bulbs, windows and other appliances, are easy to install, along with water-efficient tanks for the toilet.

Warm and Cozy Kitchens

While there came a time when the modern kitchen looked like a stainless, ultra-contemporary area you wouldn’t even dare to cook in least you disturb its spotless state, more and more people are moving back traditional kitchens that appear warmer and cozier. It can still be modern looking with clean lines but adding warmer colors and traditional details like wooden cabinets and kitchen islands.

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Statement Mirrors

Let us forever bid goodbye to medicine cabinets. Find alternative storage elsewhere because bathrooms look more updated when dressed up with statement mirrors. Wide and flat mirrors are especially important when the bathroom space is small and doesn’t have too much lighting. Bigger mirrors help reflect light and make the area seem bigger.