Home Staging or Virtual Staging?

The real estate market has always been a volatile industry with highs and lows that can mimic the financial stock market. It has recently been on an uptrend in New Zealand, with an influx of foreign buyers looking into owning property particularly in Auckland. With this surge in interest, the real estate market has also been adapting into a more marketing savvy and competitive environment. Real estate agents are going online, creating digital pathways to get homes and property seen and sold.

What is Home Staging?

One clever and hardworking marketing tool is called home staging, where a seller goes through the process of hiring professionals (mainly interior design or decorating consultants) to prep a home for selling. Here are just some of the services they do to prepare the house to be sold:

Clean up and declutter

The number one priority for home stagers would be to make sure that things get tidied up and unnecessary furnishings and furniture get thrown out or put to storage. Messy and unorganized homes rarely get sold and never for the asking price.


Beyond just cleaning up and decluttering, home stagers also know that buyers are looking for their future homes. They need to be able to imagine how it would look like living there and the only way to achieve that would be to make sure your personal touch is no longer part of the design seen. The interior design and decorations of the house should be generic enough to appeal to a broad number of people.

Refresh and refurnish

Of course the main part of the work would be to redesign and interiors and even the exteriors of the home so that it would look like new. Home stagers can buy new furniture, add lighting or have your walls repainted – things to make your home appear it its best light. Although it should be designed generically enough to appeal to most, in this part of the process it should also hold enough personality to make it interesting and that’s what the home stager can add with these new touches.

You might be thinking that home staging can get expensive. It can if your home needs a lot of work into it and you should look at it as an investment that will help your home sell faster.

What is Virtual Staging?

Another tool that has also been looked at and can be a more affordable alternative to all out home staging is virtual staging. This technique is usually employed for empty homes or rooms, where it is “staged” digitally by adding furniture and furnishings through computer graphics. This is to help buyers envision the design potential of the room and is especially useful for foreign buyers who won’t be able to attend open houses.

Both types of real estate staging each have its advantages and benefits for both the buyer and seller. Either way, both tools are proven to help sell a house or property faster and should be considered by any homeowner who is serious about selling his or her house.