How to Create Photogenic Homes for Better Listing

We’ve all heard it before – a picture is worth a thousand words – and for good reason. A single still image can often times impart so much meaning and evoke so many emotions in a person. And that is why pictures are so important when it comes to real estate. Because that next sell might just be because of a beautiful picture that makes the buyer want to explore your house further, even from an online listing. And sometimes, that’s all it takes. Just make sure you are prepared for both – being photogenic on pictures and in the real setting.

But first, here are a few tips on how home owners can make their houses and properties picture perfect enough to get attention right at the start of the buyer’s path to purchase.

Let there be light

Open up your room to let the natural light in. Bright lit rooms can feel more spacious and airy and all that can translate to a welcoming warmness and openness in a photograph. The best way to let natural light in would be to have it come in from an outside source like installing big windows, French windows and glass doors, not just in living and dining rooms but other closed spaces like staircases and kitchens. If that isn’t enough or renovations sound too big and too expensive a change, you can also use lamps, mirrors or indoor lighting like tubular daylighting devices that can also work to brighten up a space.

Add a point of interest

In any photograph, there always has to be a point of interest. It’s part of what makes it photogenic and appealing. So you can create one by using different sorts of accessories. Maybe add a stack of books on top of a table or shelf, or create an interest coffee table setting by putting small items and decorations in a tray to make it appear cohesive. Colorful displays work as well like a bowl of fruits that can add color and form or a vase full of fresh flowers that can breathe life and add a pop of color into an otherwise dull picture.


Photo by ooh_food via Flickr

Make sure the room is alive

When taking a picture, you have to make sure that you use all the elements you can to make the room appear alive and serving a purpose. If you have a spare bedroom, don’t leave it empty – dress it up as a bedroom that’s ready to be lived in. You can use other room elements as well to make it come alive – like lighting up a fireplace instead of leaving it cold and dark, turning on the TV and maybe pausing it on an interesting image, pulling out a chair in the dining table to bid the onlooker a warm welcome.

What’s also importantly in setting up a photogenic home is that when the time comes, it also ensures that your home is already looking its best when the buyer comes in to look at your house.