Outdoor Staging Tips

It’s important to stage the inside of your home when marketing it for sale, but outdoor staging is just as important. Not only will potential buyers view the home from the outside first, yard space is often a huge selling point. Anyone with children, pets, or a green thumb will want to visualise themselves enjoying the yard for many years to come.

Here are a few items to consider when outdoor staging of your home for sale.

Outdoor Staging Musts and Tips

The Lawn

As a first step in outside staging, the lawn should be properly mowed and weeded unless covered by snow. In the autumn, fallen leaves need to be raked and removed from the property. You’ll also want to consider filling in any bald patches in the lawn. If the season and your timeline permits, you can try putting down some grass seeds to correct any unsightly patches. For a quicker fix, purchase a few squares of sod that can be trimmed to fill in these gaps. And it may go without saying, but all pet waste must absolutely be removed before any potential buyers come by. There’s nothing like dog poop on the bottom of one’s shoe to kill a sale!


If you already have a garden – great! It can be a very nice selling point. Just make sure it is well weeded and maintained to really show off the potential of your yard. If you don’t have a garden, consider planting a small one. Again, it depends on the season, but you can buy plants that are already almost mature at the local nursery to give your garden the feeling of being well established. If space and/or soil quality don’t lend themselves to a full garden, you can still give the impression of a vibrant, living space by accenting the patio with fragrant herbs and flowers in decorative pots.

Trees on the property should be trimmed if there are dead branches or any that touch or hang over the home. Shrubs along the home’s foundation should be cut down below any windows, as this creates a nice visual appearance outside and allows more light inside.


Outdoor staging of your patio depends on how it’s constructed. You may want to sand and stain or repaint them. If the patio is brick or stone, and you can’t afford full repairs, correct any cracks or unevenness with carefully placed carpet stabilising pads covered over with an outdoor rug. Consider asking your professional home stager to handle furnishing the patio(s) as well. Some nice outdoor furniture and accessories can really get potential buyers excited about the idea of entertaining.

Finishing Touches

Even if you aren’t going to repaint the outside of the home, the entire façade can look better simply by painting the shutters and doors. Power washing can also help, as it removes a lot of grime you may not have even realized is there. Cleaning the windows inside and out gives the home a welcoming look. The same is true of window planting boxes. If you have an outdoor grill, this can also inspire potential buyers to think about entertaining in the space, but make sure it is thoroughly cleaned or else it will give off an abandoned air that’s not very appealing. Chipped paint on the fence will also give this impression, so repaint or stain, and fix any gaps.

Outside staging your home may be an overwhelming and labor-intensive process.  But you can ask your professional stager to help arrange for service providers to handle any repairs and maintenance you won’t be able to do. It’s worth it to pay attention to the curb appeal of the property, as a finished, move-in ready appearance is crucial to getting those high bids. Says professional home stager Neil Bindelglass, “After all, if a potential buyer is turned off to your house by the outside, they will not be impressed with the inside, no matter how perfect your house is!”