How to Choose a Home Staging Company

So you’re finally taken the plunge and decided to sell your home. There are a number of complicated steps that you need to consider when you do this, like making sure your house itself is ready. And the best way to do that these days would be to have your house spruced up and looked over by a home staging company, an actual professional who will make sure your house is prepared inside and out to be shown to clients and to be potentially sold to one of them.

Your first question might be – where do I find a home staging company? You can ask your real estate agent if you already have one or look it up online. If you type in home staging in Auckland on your search browser, you will be shown a number of options and might ask yourself, how can you possibly choose the right one? Or if you get referrals from your agent or even from friends and family, how can you know what to look for? We’ve compiled some tips on how to find the best home stager for you:

Know your price and know what you get for it

Know the balance of getting the best price you can for your home and opting for the cheaper option. Home stagers are professionals who rely on their experience and competency to know what is the best that can be done for your home. Less experienced and more affordable home stagers may be going to cheaper furniture and accessories so it’s a balance that you’ll have to set your budget on.

Ask for their portfolio

More than any certification they may have or designation or title in the professional scene, their portfolio is the best indicator for their work. You’ll also be able to judge the range of styles they do or if the homes they stage all end up looking the same. Make sure to ask the home stager if these projects are their own personal portfolio that they did themselves or a project that was done with their company or their class. And it would be better if they could show you before and after pictures to be able to judge their work properly.

Research and evaluate the home staging company

Look up around 3-4 home staging companies before you try to make a final choice. During the interview with them or when you ask for their portfolio, also ask for their client references. It would be good to check those out and get first hand feedback from those who previously worked with them.

Compatibility is also key

At the end of the day, it also depends on how you interact with the home staging professional – whether you get along and he or she understands your needs intuitively. You’ll be going through a lot of details and hours together so interaction is very important. During the interview and even during the contract signing, ask a lot of questions and clarifications. Don’t be afraid to clear up anything or ask for something if you are not satisfied. How they deal with that sort of pressure can be telling of your working relationship.