The 5 Senses of Home Staging

If you are planning on selling your home, you know that home staging is a key element for a successful sale. The place needs to look and feel just right in order to attract the kind of buyers willing to pay top dollar. Proper staging is not just about maintaining a tidy space, it’s also important to play into the psychological state of your potential buyers. Following are some great tips on how to appeal to buyers’ five senses, and make the sale without saying a word.

Home Staging Tips Appealing to the Senses


Obviously buyers will appraise your home with their eyes before any of their other senses, so as a first step, the home must be clean, tidy, and have no obvious damage. It’s also important to have great lighting. For a really nice home staging presentation, ou’ll need about 100 watts for every 50 square feet, and try to mix it up with both overhead and table lights. When it comes to color, cool colors like blue and green tend to make people feel relaxed, but red can cause them to bid more aggressively. It’s worth it to ask for some advice when choosing a paint color scheme for the home, but you will likely increase your chances of selling quickly if you use cool, neutral colors overall and add in a pop of red here and there with accessories and artwork.


Home staging experts have long recommended introducing some sort of smell into the home when potential buyers visit. The smell of freshly baked cookies, for example, makes people feel at home. If you’re not able to actually do the baking, try a plug-in air freshener that smells of vanilla or cinnamon. In more private rooms, like the bedrooms and bathrooms, the smell of cleaning products lends the impression that the space is thoroughly clean. Just be careful to choose mild cleansers, as an overpowering, industrial smell will cause buyers to wonder what you’re hiding. If you’ve got a fragrant garden, leaving the windows open will also bring in pleasant smells. In any case, fresh flowers are a fantastic element to include in the dining room or living room.


Some studies suggest that playing classical music will cause buyers to spend more. Pop, rock or otherwise highly recognisable tunes, however, will distract buyers from the task at hand, which is deciding to make an offer on your home. If outdoor noise is intrusive, try to dampen it with heavy curtains or acoustic panels. The latter can be easily purchased online, and are actually quite pleasant to look at, too.


We can look at this sense in a couple of different contexts. First, taste can mean a person’s aesthetic preference. To appeal to the widest range of potential buyers, go for neutral décor. The space should be attractive, but basic enough that buyers can imagine layering personal touches on top of it. If we look at the literal meaning of the taste sense, it can’t hurt to leave out a bowl of cookies, mints, or fruit for potential buyers. This is an extra touch that will distinguish you from the competition, make people feel welcome in the space, and create a more lasting impression of the home.


People do like to touch things in order to learn about them. Take advantage of this impulse by varying textures throughout the home with fabrics, fixtures, wooden embellishments, etc. Thick, plush carpets go great in the living room, but woven fiber rugs are more appealing on a sun porch. Playing with different textures in different rooms is also a great way to distinguish spaces from one another, even if the floor plan is open.

Take the time to appeal to all five human senses, and your property will be very hard to resist!